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Virtual Studio

Learning has gone virtual and so has KID-FIT! Now is the time to get started with your own KID-FIT business.

COVID-19 has changed the world in so many ways. Some temporary, some permanent. Now you can teach KID-FIT either virtually, in-person, through videos on-demand or with any combination that works for your clients.

Children need daily exercise more than ever and operating your own KID-FIT virtual studio will allow you the opportunity to teach them the world renown KID-FIT program. It’s new. Exciting. And better than ever!

  • Working from home/office, in your own “virtual studio”
  • Flexible hours - teach as little or as much as you like
  • Content, music and lessons provided
  • You determine pricing according to your area
  • Minimal equipment needed
  • COVID-19 safe for you and all students
  • Low cost for participants
  • No limits on distance, serve more children
  • Market to parents, schools, churches – anywhere there are preschool children
  • Increased profits for you
  • Purchase and get started training now!

Get Started 


Q1. What are the complete costs of starting my own KID-FIT Virtual Studio business?

A. You’ll need funds to set up your own studio backdrop, props, A/V equipment, high speed internet and Zoom account. A complete list is provided upon purchase. Liability insurance is also recommended before teaching any classes.

Q2. What are the monthly fees to sustain my business license?

A. For access to all content, routines, music and new materials each month there is a renewal fee of $169. per month starting 30 days after purchase. If you want to take more time to prepare, you can defer your start date an additional month before payments begin. Just let us know upon purchase.

Q3. Is there any kind of agreement or contract that I need to sign?

A. Yes. You will need to agree to an initial 2-yr commitment to your KID-FIT virtual studio business. After the first 2 years, you can renew or opt out at every additional 2-yr interval. You will not be able to use the KID-FIT name, content or music for any classes, social media or programs once your license lapses.

Q4. How long will training take?

A.Training is short and done at your pace, online. Upon purchase you’ll have access to the training materials and course. Once complete, you’re ready to go!

Q5. How does it work once I’ve completed training?

A. Market and start teaching live stream classes as soon as you wish. Just follow the routine provided to you by our office (it changes each month) and have participants join in to your Zoom class at one of the designated live stream times you offer. We’ll put your times on our master virtual studio schedule and you can market yourself as you like on social media, via mail, etc.

Q6. What kinds of fitness equipment will I need to do the actual live stream classes?

A. Simple items. Most equipment is chosen so that children will have access to it at home. Things like paper plates, small water bottles, scarves and bean bags are some of the most popular items. You’ll only need equipment for yourself. Parents and schools will make sure children have their own equipment on hand. A list of what is needed for each monthly class is posted every month prior to the new routine.

Q7. Who can I market the program to?

A. You can sell your live stream classes to any parents, preschools or public-school systems you like within your time zone. Children should be between 2-5 years in age.

Q8. What should I charge?

A.Live stream fees are up to you. Prior to the pandemic, KID-FIT charged preschools a per class (30 min) fee of $50-60. Now, with the ability to serve many schools and students at once, this fee can be even less to make it extremely affordable for preschools and parents.

Q9. How many students/schools can I have participating during a single half hour class?

A. As many as your Zoom account allows, usually up to 100 participants.

Q10. What happens when schools want to go back to in-person classes?

A. Safety will continue to be an issue well into the future. Remote classes are here to stay. At any time, another infectious disease could occur so it is much safer for children, staff and you to continue to provide virtual services. KID-FIT is so much more affordable this way and can even be done more than once a week. That leads to improved health and makes skill development much more effective. Adults are more comfortable with virtual learning now and teachers will enjoy the convenience of doing classes when they like, the day they like, more frequently and at a lower cost.

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